Climate Change

This is yesterday's headlines that hackers have been into a lot of emails and data relating to climate change research (Click the link and read on up for more and more information and explanation of some terms in the emails and data).

A lot of things stand out as a result of the brouhaha -

1. Does this mean there is no global warming? Hard to say - all this says that certain scientists got too carried away with their personal feelings or enthusiasm and might have tried to manipulate some data or people to stifle opposition. The reasons can be condescension - they might not have wanted to "confuse" the laymen with too much data or arrogance. Regardless, it is bad news for those involved and undermines their credibility severely. Still, that doesn't mean one way or another for global warming, except that maybe we should hold off on spending trillions of dollars on allegedly shoddy evidence.

2. Does this mean we shouldn't be green? Absolutely not! I am still going to use my tote bag instead of plastic shopping bags - I will still recycle as much as I can and I hope we will all consume only as many resources as we need and no more. This is only the practical and pragmatic thing to do regardless of global warming.

Hopefully, all this incident serves is to shine some sunlight on the evidence - I hope there is a more rigorous debate on the issue and better airing of opinions pro and con. We have some decisions to make :)

100% native

How can someone who can trace their origin in the country centuries back (I am talking about most Indian Muslims here) be anything but native? What kind of a mindset looks at them as some kind of other that needs to assimilate into the nation instead of implicitly being of the nation?

And then there is this doozy - "Similarly, in Mission Kashmir the drama centers on the possibility of Muslims being included in the nation." Well, we want to include them in our nation and along with the Hindus and Budhhists who also call the region home. Kashmir is not all about Muslims, y'know!

Ok, I am done - I am not going to read any further - inspite of stuff like "In Mission Kashmir, Altaaf is that element of infection that challenges the fantasies of immunity that animate contemporary discourses of Indian nationalism." (yeah, really! Indians feel very immune..from what?), I was willing to give this article a chance. I was willing to read with an open mind and try to understand the author's perspective and where he was coming from - this made me stop - "(constellated around such bogeys as "jihadi terrorism," the internal Muslim "threat," cross-border infiltration, and global and Asian balance of power, etc.)," So, according to this guy, "Jihadi Terrorism" is just a made up thing - why don't we tell that to the school teachers beheaded in Thailand, the clubbers blasted apart in Bali and numerous such instances where the only link seems to have been the belief in fanaticism. Before putting the internal Muslim "threat" in scare quotes, I invite the author to examine the speeches given by Islam's luminaries in public places such as Delhi's Jama Masjid against India. Of course, cross-border terrorism just never, ever happens in India - no one obviously crosses over to kill migrant Hindu workers in Kashmir - it is all just a bogey, you children!

It really bothers me when people still talk of accepting Muslims in India as if they were immigrants - people forget the shared history - the shared trauma - the not-so-distant past whose painful memories still have not completely faded from the Indian psyche. Why is it that there are only Hindu nationalists and not Muslim nationalists? Don't Muslims feel proud of their India? Why is every single article aimed at pointing fingers at someone or the other while conveniently forgetting there is another side to every story? I am absolutely tired of this. In my opinion, not every Muslim in India is guilty until proven innocent the same way not every Hindu-oriented program considered somehow discriminating.

The author also very conveniently glosses over the fact that each of the movies mentioned also feature nefarious Indian Hindu characters as well as virtuous Muslim characters. There is an incredible amout of effort dedicated to striking a balance between religious reality and religious frenzy in the movie that is sadly lacking in the author's papers. It is almost like he had a set of ideologies and was trying to work backwards to prove them from movies, no less. Think about it - think about to my first paragraph that outlined the main characters and the actors and directors of the movies and it will be clear how the author could not have been any more wrong.