Compassionate or stupid?

Here is an "interesting" story from BoinBoing about a lady who let some poor kids in India play with her IPod and her companion told her it was cruel to let the kids see something they will never have....I really have to ask - first of all, are we still talking about India where street vendors conduct their business over the cell phone? The same India where practically every one either owns or has access to TV and movies that show every single possible luxury available to mankind?

What a stupid, paternalistic attitude to even imagine that these kids would never have a chance to own an IPod? Who knows? They might build something better!

Butterfly Effect

So, a newspaper publishes cartoons in Denmark and people die in Nigeria. Some people really have too much pent-up rage and too little outlet to channel it, don't they! I have got to wonder if by now they are not chilled by this apparent solidarity then when will they wake up. It is also really funny to go to see "secularists" who will denounce Hindutva-vadis and Fundamentalist right-winger Christians in a hearbeat falling all over themselves to justify this behavior. If nothing, it exposes the hypocrisies of the "multiculturalists" who really believe fundmanetalism truimphs.

When you think about it, I don't see much difference between religion and socialism. Both concepts require the individual to submit to a group-think as absolutely as possible. There is no room to maneuver or question the authority. I wonder is that is the reason why religion and socialism are anathema to each other - they are both essentially competing for the same resource - gullible individuals who somehow believe that the only way they can make themselves better is by submitting to the will of others.