Women, the expendable species!

Federal panel recommends reducing number of mammograms

This makes me sick to my stomach - I know someone who has conscientiously gotten mammograms every six months and her cancer lump was showing up in every one of them for two years before someone caught it. What if she didn't even get the mammograms since she is not in the high-risk category? Every time I hear of a "cost-cutting" way or measure in the so-called reform bill, why do I see only womens' issues short-changed?

The Stupak amendment is a blow in itself to any woman who considers herself pro-choice. This daily chipping away at benefits is just nasty and makes me wary of supporting anything at all right now.

Crappy hate mail

Dude, I miss real hate mail. I used to get tons of that stuff and trolls and all kinds of interesting people a couple of years ago. Now, it is all boring! I did get a feeble attempt at one this morning

Let me see, my first thought was to say, "Screw you, I write about what I feel like". Then I thought a bit and decided I might as well put this poor creature out of his/her misery.

1. Common knowledge about "no WMDs" - why would that be important for me again? It might have been "one" (I emphasize one) of the reasons for America to go to war. It was not my reason why I supported war. Go back and cite me one post when I say that - I had always supported the war because I thought Iraq deserved to be free. Prove me wrong on my points - don't pick out whatever you want and then say I have debate what was not my point int he first place.

2. So, the war is in "vain" since there are no WMDs - maybe for America. Maybe for you, even. Not for me. I am vindicated every time Iraq goes to elections - every time the Iraqis flash their purple fingers proudly- everytime Iraqis post their thoughts about how great or sucky they are being governed - every time an Iraqi speaks his mind freely! So, kindly go stuff that!

3. It is all about (OIL) - awesome - this has got to be the stupidest canard people are still hanging on to? Where is my cheap 5-cent/gallon Iraqi oil? Why am I paying $2.20/gallon at the station? Show me the Oil! Atleast make up a few new stupid things to say and please don't waste my time anymore with years-old crap, especially when it is proven that it was really france, Germany, Russia and the all-mighty UN who have been making off like Bandits from the oil money Saddam was spoon-feeding them for keeping him in power in return.