Silliness about Swastika

Here is a post I found via the Desipundit about some using Google Earth to figure out that a "Sanskrit Studies" building at JNU is shaped like the Swastika - river's blue elephants: The Swastika in JNU. So what? Why be all alarmist about it? A Swastika is a big component of Sanskrit and Hinduism (which are both very inter-related due to the long association). What next? Getting alarmed over Ganesh posters that depict him with a Swastika in his hand and those of other Indian gods?

update: The link for the post above was changed for some reason overnight, so I found the right link and updated the post this morning. FYI, the post's author apparently doesn't want anyone to link to the post so she has taken to changing the URLs every few hours too keep the linkers confused - how original! The post still remains on her blog, so just go to the main page and scroll down. As an aside, if you don't want people to read or comment on something you have written.

Liberal Discrepancies

1) The large America-hating fatumentary maker Michael Moore gleefully states that Hurricane Gustav is aimed to hit the US during the GOP convention because God (the one they don't believe in) is on their side. Meanwhile, Gustav was whipping Cuba, one of Moore's favorite countries on earth. As a friend pointed out, thank god they have free, excellent health care.

2) Libtards in the media love to point out McCain allegedly spent a grand total of a "couple of hours" with Sarah Palin before asking her to to be his Vice Presidential pick. That is approximately 118 minutes longer than it took for the left to condemn her.

One hundred and fifteen minutes longer than it took the Obamatized Messiah crew to publish remarkably creative hateful commentary.

Meanwhile, the average single liberal American spends about 5 minutes googling a potential mate before sleeping with him or her.